22.02.2017 07:52:00

Online-Ausweis ermöglicht vollelektronische Verwaltungsverfahren in Sachsen

Mit der Übergabe des Berechtigungszertifikates für die Online-Ausweisfunktion des Personalausweises (eID) fiel heute der offizielle Startschuss für den eID-Service Sachsen. Das Staatsministerium des Innern stellt diesen Service ab sofort für alle Behörden des Freistaates Sachsen bereit.


22.02.2017 07:51:00

Internet of Things in Deutschland: Nur ein Drittel hat Projekte als Pilot oder operativ umgesetzt

Die deutschen Vorreiterunternehmen erwarten, dass in drei Jahren – also bis 2019 – bereits die Hälfte ihrer Produkte IoT-Ready ist. Die Vernetzung von Produkten, Maschinen oder Anlagen schreitet global betrachtet mit großen Schritten voran. Laut einer Prognose des IT-Analysehauses IDC sollen … Weiterlesen

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22.02.2017 07:51:00

Researchers offer simple scheme to stop the next Stuxnet

Don't get rung out about planting bugs in ladder logic: they should be easy to spot

One of the world's oldest programming styles, the ladder logic that runs on industrial programmable logic controllers, remains dangerously vulnerable to attack, according to boffins from Singapore and India.…

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22.02.2017 07:49:00

cannot update firmware on perc h800 in r720xd.

Title says it all. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I can update this stupid firmware. I have an r720XD with an h800 card in it so I can connect to an MD1000 DAS. Right now my MD1000 wont detect any of the drives because they are not Dell drives. I know that the current firmware removes that limitation.

The server is ESXi. I tried updating it through the lifecycle controller but the 12.10.7 update is not listed (nor is any update for the h800)

I tried downloading the DUP and putting it on a usb and pointing the lifecycle controller to it but it says that the update is not supported.

If this were a windows server I could probably just run the damn update from inside the OS but I can't (or don't know how I can) do that in side ESX.

Any ideas? Am I going to have to take this out and find a server that was designed to run this card?

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22.02.2017 01:51:00

Google rents out Nvidia Tesla GPUS in its cloud. If you ask nicely, thatll be 70 cents an hour, bud

Chocolate Factory spins up Nvidia-powered VMs

Google will this week start offering Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU-equipped virtual machines for its Compute Engine and Cloud Machine Learning hosted services.…

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