10.12.2016 06:39:00

Web-based folder permission script?

Id there somthing out there we can use so people can browse generally file structures and ask the folder owners for approval for access automatically?

Somthing that maybe once approved it auto maticallly adds them to the AD groups?

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10.12.2016 06:38:00

Fatal flaw found in PricewaterhouseCoopers SAP security software

Instead of fixing the issue, PwC lawyered up

A security tool built for SAP systems by PricewaterhouseCoopers has turned out to have worrying security holes of its own.…

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10.12.2016 06:38:00

Blacklist/Whitelist URL for Chrome Policy Template

I work in a school and I was told to block only 30 computer from accessing any website except one so kids can focus only on their learning, which is called i-Ready.com. I originally thought maybe Chrome Policy Template would be an easy solution using blacklisting url with a wildcard(*) and only whitelist i-Ready but i keep running into problems. The closest I got was the kids were able to log in but the lessons weren't loading. So now I am at a loss. Is there a simpler way to achieve this or do I have to add something else to get the URL white-listed correctly?

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10.12.2016 06:14:00

Cisco dents Arista again with patent infringement ruling

A US trade judge ruled today that Arista Networks infringed on two Cisco switch patents – the second important victory the networking giant has won against Arista in their ongoing legal confrontation since it began in 2014.

U.S. International Trade Commission Judge MaryJoan McNamara issued the so-called “initial determination” on the case which now must be reviewed by the ITC. In the end should the ITC find against Arista its switches could once again be banned from import into the US. The ITC you may recall ruled against Arista in another part of this case and between June and August the company could not import those products. In November Arista announced that US Customs has given it permission to resume importing its networking gear in the United States.

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10.12.2016 06:05:00

Researchers Find Security Flaws in IoT Cameras From Sony, Others

Researchers working separately found serious security flaws in network-connected video cameras from Sony and other makers that would allow them to be controlled by hackers and become nodes on a botnets.