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MobileIron bietet Ô??Day Zero" Unterst├╝tzung f├╝r iOS 10 an

Marktanteil von iOS in Unternehmen mittlerweile bei 81 Prozent + MobileIron k├╝ndigte die f├╝r den Ô??Day Zero" geeignete Unterst├╝tzung f├╝r Ger├Ąte an, die auf iOS 10 aktualisiert werden. Mit der Version iOS 10 verst├Ąrkt Apple sein breites Partnernetzwerk, damit Unternehmen nahtlos ihre f├╝hrenden Anwendungen und Dienste auf allen ihren iOS-Ger├Ąten einsetzen k├Ânnen. MobileIron hilft Unternehmen bei der...

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What happened to Linux?


A few months ago I went back to using Linux as a daily driver. I have been terribly saddened by my experience. I've used Linux off and on for several years. In the past three years, I've primarily used the system as a server. CentOS 6, Ubuntu, and a little openSuse. Majority has been CentOS. A few issues with firewalld, but other than that it has been smooth sailing.

My previous role in IT involved a heavy Windows environment, with a handful of Linux based systems. So, I started using Windows and Windows Servers for 99% of my work and home stuff.

Fast forward (rewind?) to a few months ago, and I have Ubuntu variants of 16.04 and 14.04, Fedora 24, Antergos, Arch Linux, Linux Mint 17, and a handful of other oddballs (Netrunner).

Insert sad face here. Since when did you need to mess with the boot to get Ubuntu installed? Every system live CD and fresh install booted to a black screen with no keyboard, no POST, and no output. I figured out the nomodeset setting, which needed to be added again to the grub before nVidia drivers were installed.

The Arch Linux wiki went from poor to good God are you S**tting me right now? The Beginner's Guide is gone, and if you have a modern system (UEFI) it takes five to ten tabs to figure anything out in regards to partitioning.

Fedora 24 would install, but it wouldn't run. The keyboard and mouse would "stick" at the login screen, making the fraction of a second it should take to login into a 60 second process. Then, when you installed nVidia drivers, you get the black screen recovery on reboot. Same goes with Debian, nouveau has terrible screen tearing and nVidia boots to recovery mode.

Mint 17 wouldn't even boot, and Antergos is cool, but you can't use it with UEFI so you're capped at 2TB (to my knowledge, anyway).

But, let's go back to Ubuntu. Once I figured out the nomodeset trick and installed nVidia from the ppa, shutdown went from 7 seconds to about 3 minutes. No splash screen, no nothing. Boot still doesn't yield boot options or the UEFI screen, and it takes about 60 seconds compared to the 10 or so seconds it should.

What happened? Was there some new change to the kernel that is having an effect on every distro like this? Is it just bad luck on my part? I have very common hardware, I believe, and in the past I never had issues like this.

I'm back on Windows and just using Linux in a VM and at the server level, but I was really disappointed. It was like going back and playing a video game that you loved as a kid to find out it was overhyped garbage.

I've tried it on my laptop, and it does alright. It has intel graphics though, and is often accompanied with heavy screen tearing.

I've researched the various issues that have plagued my systems, and I've experimented for months. Really disappointed and unhappy with the experience. :\

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CIA Election AntiCheat Control malware preys on the fear of Voter Fraud

Criminals love to to prey on people based on current news topics and there are few topics right now thatáare bigger thanáthe 2016 United States presidential election. áThis can be seen in a new malware called CIA Election AntiCheat Control - 2016. that tries to scam people to send $50 or their vote won't count. [...]


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Software-Infos-247.de informiert mit News, Tipps, Fotos, Videos, Links und Lexikon zum Thema Software!

Die Homepage Software-Infos-247.de informiert mit News, Infos, Tipps, Fotos, Videos, einem Forum und einem Lexikon zum Thema Software!

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Wie sollte man mit den neuen Bilderfluten in sozialen Medien umgehen?

Videos und Bilder von Krieg, Gewalt und Hass mischen sich in den Nachrichtenstrom von sozialen Netzwerken und somit in unseren Alltag. Was macht diese neue Unmittelbarkeit mit der Gesellschaft - und wie sollte man darauf reagieren?

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