16.12.2017 04:28:00

Windows: Do passwords entered at UAC prompts get cached?

We are trying to separate our domain admin accounts from our regular accounts, and we have also implemented LAPS. We would like to never log into these computers with our domain admin accounts, to avoid privileged credentials being cached. However, with LAPS generated passwords constantly cycling, it would be nice to be able to use our domain admin accounts to install software and make other changes that prompt UAC, but NOT have that password get cached. Do UAC-entered passwords get cached, or is it a one-time authentication?

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16.12.2017 04:28:00

Google ramping up AI in China, Nvidias Titan V, Intels hip-hop misstep

And more in your machine-learning news summary

Roundup  Here's your quick guide to news in the AI world beyond what we've covered this week.…

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16.12.2017 04:28:00

PXE boot multiple OSs in a row.

Hello all, I am trying to figure out a way to PXE boot an image to change the BIOS and then change PXE images to install a Linux based OS. I have been trying to think of a way to do this without having to change the DNS Next Server setting or selecting a different OS from the PXE menu. In other words, I am trying to automate the setting up of bios and installation of an OS. I have both of these parts figured out separately.

Thank you and happy holidays.

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15.12.2017 22:30:00

Top Silicon Valley tech battle judge probed over sex pest claims

Alex Kozinski accused of showing women clerks porn, sexually harassing staff

A misconduct inquiry has been opened into top US tech judge Alex Kozinski over allegations that he showed female law clerks pornography and repeatedly asked inappropriate sexual questions.…

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15.12.2017 22:30:00

Automating device configuration webpages

One of the tasks I have to do in my job is the mindless configuration of new devices that have no mass configuration tools. The only way to configure these devices is using their webpage. In previous years, I used a web automation tool called Badboy (http://www.badboy.com.au/) to do those configurations but Badboy hasn't been updated in years and I've been having more and more issues with it not being able to manipulate the webpage on newer devices. I was wondering if anyone else was in my situation and what tools they use to handle the tasks. For example, this year I have configured 30-40 different types of devices, each of which I had to configure about 30 to 50 units of. Above the time waste, if I miss a setting, it causes bigger issues down the line.

My requirements:

1) Must be free or decently cheap ($0 to $200)

2) Must be able to handle web pop-up password dialogs (for some reason, this is a bigger problem than I thought)

3) Must NOT use Chrome's engine, IE preferred (I had 5 devices that won't work with Chrome for some reason, a few are actually IE only)

4) Must have the ability to record and playback (I don't mind making minor changes in a scripting language, but it would be hard to write all of the scripts from scratch)

5) Must be able to run in Windows

6) Must be able to be used by a non-developer

I would greatly prefer to have something that manipulates the webpage directly and not something like Sikuli Script that looks for buttons and text boxes at a visual level.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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