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How to Set Adobe DC as default for pdfs via GPO


Could someone please explain how I got about making sure Adobe (Which is installed via SCCM) is by default the application to open .pdf files once a user logs in. Instead of Edge browser?

Thanks :)

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Amazon asks for spectrum to try out IoT networking gear

What else do you Tx at 20mW somewhere between 868MHz and 900MHz?

Amazon has filed an application with the US Federal Communications Commission to conduct what looks like Internet of Things wireless networking tech trials.…

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18.01.2017 15:32:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

How to Set Adobe DC as default for pdfs via GPO


Could someone please explain how I got about making sure Adobe (Which is installed via SCCM) is by default the application to open .pdf files once a user logs in. Instead of Edge browser?

Thanks :)

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18.01.2017 15:34:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

Bluecoat/pac and internal servers issue

Hi guys,

I currently have an internal server that can be accessed via FQDN, from public and internal, depending where the user is. At the moment, it is not accessible via internal at all. Upon checking, I realize that apparently we are reaching to this server via proxy, which supposed to be intercepting internet address only. Below are stuff that I checked and tested

  • nslookup shows that it resolves to internal IP
  • traceroute showing it going to our servers range
  • created a policy in bluecoat to allow the category the URL resides in, URL and regex too.
  • edit the pac file to add the exception to the URL to be direct instead of proxy (3rd expression match) to no effect. I also tried the IP resolved, and url matched in the pac, to no success:

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { if (shExpMatch(host, ".phs") || shExpMatch(host, ".abs") || shExpMatch(host, ".mycompany.com.")) return "DIRECT"; else return "PROXY"; }

Trail from bluecoat reveals below:

2017-01-18 10:34:38 75047 adude company\Download Unavailable - tcp_error DENIED "Vehicles" - 503 TCP_ERR_MISS GET - http www.mycompany.com.my 80 / - - "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/55.0.2883.87 Safari/537.36" 1235 1169 - "none" "none" unavailable 

Errored session logs also saying OCS was unreachable despite the bluecoat able to ping the internal server IP.

Any idea what could be done here? I am clueless as why we still hitting the proxy after the pac file is edited. Any workaround is also appreciated, while I'm working on this.

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14.12.2016 18:57:00 Quelle: http://www.itiko.de/

Der neue Avira Password Manager: Nie mehr Passwörter vergessen

E-Mail, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon oder das Online-Bankkonto: das sind nur einige Beispiele dafür, wo sich Anwender täglich aufs Neue einloggen. Um auf Nummer sicher zu gehen, sollten Nutzer für jeden Account ein unterschiedliches, sicheres Passwort verwenden. Die Realität sieht jedoch anders aus: Die meisten Anwender nutzen ein Passwort für mehrere Konten und ändern es nur […]

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09.01.2017 13:40:00 Quelle: http://go.theregister.com/

TCL vows to keep BlackBerry alive

I've been through the desert with a phone with no name

At least one manufacturer thinks a business-focused Android has prospects in 2017.…

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UKs lords want more details on adult website check plans

Need to give it a good, proper scrutinising, don't you?

A House of Lords committee has called for greater detail on how the UK government intends to introduce online porn age verification plans in the Digital Economy Bill.…

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18.01.2017 15:33:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

16 and wanting to be a sysadmin after college - what should I learn and what should I do?

I've been into technology since I was 8 years old, learning more about computers, and a lot of things. Me, wanting a profession in technology, looked at potential jobs in the IT field, and a couple years ago, I came across the sysadmin field. After two years, I decided this is what I want to do. However, at 16, I want to learn a lot about the sysadmin field. What should I do today that can help me in the future? What should I learn that can certainly benefit me in the long run? How can I get experience?

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Cisco sets out networking stall for SMBs

Smaller firms make up over 20% of business

Promo  In the face of industry upheaval, Cisco retains its status as the go-to enterprise networking choice for big businesses.…

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18.01.2017 09:30:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

How are you judged (for review purposes) on VDI or Physical desktop uptime? (Bad performance review...HELP!)


I need a bit of quick advice. I was hired at a mid-sized financial firm with my primary job description being to manage the VDI environment (at least in theory -because of course now I'm working with switches, the boss's iPhone and variety of other crap). We're currently running around 200 users at any given time on XenDesktop 7.6 with vSphere 6.1.

I just got kind of shit on during my performance review because we had an outage in mid-november for around 3 hours. Somehow the cert got reset on our netscaler and it took me and the rest of the team a bit with Citrix Support and our partner to figure out what had happened.

Otherwise, the environment is running very well. I don't use it much since I'm in the office usually and would prefer to work on a local machine; but we don't receive very many tickets for the environment. Usually password resets, occasional hung session, etc. Nothing I would consider out of the ordinary.

To my knowledge, that was the only time desktops weren't available (outside of our update windows) in the nearly full year I've worked there and I got dinged on "Job performance" during my year-end review because of it. I started to fight back, saying that overall the environment is running very smoothly and allows productivity from all the teams that use it, but my boss essentially threw back... "If you have a better way of measuring it... I'm all ears. But, that's what people remember."

I get it.. an issue is an issue and with many of our admin and sales teams working remote, a VDI outage is a fairly high-visibility issue.

However, I want to make sure I'm being judged on annual performance and not a random SSL cert fucking dropping one afternoon which comprised exactly .05% of our annual uptime.

So, my question.. those that have a metric or generalized performance rating related to VDI or physical desktops... how are you managed and judged at the end of the year?

Is it all just feel? Does one snafu completely out of your control automatically equate to "You did a bad job that one day, bad overall performance" or are you judged based on uptime, specific SLAs etc?

Thanks in advance! Need some ammo to create a better review plan moving forward.

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26.10.2016 07:01:00 Quelle: https://www.onlinesicherheit.gv.at/

25.10.2016: Cyberrisiken: Mitarbeiter kaum sensibilisiert

Unternehmen in Deutschland sind zunehmend im Internet aktiv, der Schutz vor Cyberangriffen wird jedoch oft vernachlässigt – insbesondere der Mittelstand ist hier oft zu sorglos. So setzen beispielsweise nur 27 Prozent der Betriebe auf eine Sensibilisierung der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter, obwohl diese häufig Ziel von Cyberattacken sind. Das geht aus dem DsiN (Deutschland sicher im Netz)-SicherheitsMonitor 2016 hervor, der – in Zusammenarbeit mit DATEV – bereits das sechste Jahr in Folge erschienen ist.

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16.01.2017 15:27:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

(Request)Linux System Administration Resources

Hi All, I am looking to learn some Linux System administration for servers, specifically Debian. Can anyone provide some resources that can help me with this? It would be to manage servers, and virtual machines so basic system admin kind of tasks, checking server resources, managing backups, spinning up new VMs in VMWare, event logging, etc.

I can make my own virtual machine of Debian for practice but looking for some sort of resources that I am unable to find on google myself that would be relative to this situation. Thanks.

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Im looking for advice on where to start with setting up a new server for a small business, or even what to search for.

So due to reasons, I have been given the task of installing a new server for a small business to replace the old unit that is failing. The old one is a 7 year old machine running 2008 r2 that serves AD and file server to 10 users, and a 70mb sql DB for five of those users. The new machine has already been decided to be a dell T330, 4 cores and 16GB. There is a fast desktop that runs two VMs through hyper-V for shared use of some software that I would like to move to the server as well.

I've set up servers in years gone past, but not recently. Normally I would say "go to an MSP" but due to more reasons, that isn't an option. I've been googling like a demon but everything is either how to go through the motions of setting up server itself, or setting up hyper V server itself.

I'm trying to find out what best practise is for using the virtualisation licences that came with 2012 r2. Does the bare metal install simply have the hyper v role while the VMs do AD and sql? Should I even bother virtualising? I can't find any articles on this subject at all more than "run a backup DC" with no mention of how to apply it to this scenario.

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Hypothetical Question....

If someone buys a server off Ebay... and the server turns out (when booted) to still have SBS 2011 installed and asking for specific domain/user credentials... is the buyer at liberty (legally) to break out Kali and 'play' with it as it now belongs to the buyer... or should the buyer just wipe it and move on.

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09.11.2016 12:20:00 Quelle: http://www.silicon.de/

Sicherheit für Salesforce – F-Secure stellt neue Lösung vor

Mit der neuen F-Secure Cloud Protection will der Hersteller die die Verbreitung von Malware durch Cloud-Anwendungen unterbinden.

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18.01.2017 09:32:00 Quelle: http://go.theregister.com/

Hacker cracks Facebook with remote code execution bug

ImageMagick exploit earns chap US$40k bug bounty

Facebook has paid US$40,000 to vulnerability hunter Andrew Leonov for disclosing how the hacker gained remote code execution on its servers through the widely-reported ImageMagick flaw.…

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18.01.2017 15:35:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

Whats with new consumer wireless tech?

Curious - what is so special about the new home wireless mesh systems? Google's NetGear's Erro's, etc.

In other words, how is it any different from buying a few network extenders and setting it all up without the help new fancy software/apps?

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Hyper-convergered-ception: HPE swallows SimpliVity

Hyper-converges hyper-converger, thereby converging market

Analysis  SimpliVity, the second-placed hyper-converged infrastructure appliance startup, has been bought by HPE for $650m, setting the stage for mainstream vendor dominance of the hyper-converged market.…

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17.01.2017 21:31:00 Quelle: http://go.theregister.com/

WANdisco stuffs IBM-boosted deal cash wads into its flared trouser pockets

Hoping to replicate Big Blue deal with additional partners

WANdisco's OEM selling deal with IBM has brought home the Big Blue bacon with total bookings up 72 per cent year-on-year to $15.5m.…

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10.01.2017 02:00:00 Quelle: http://www.kommune21.de/

IT-Planungsrat: Brandenburg übernimmt Vorsitz

Katrin Lange, Staatssekretärin im Innenministerium des Landes Brandenburg, ist die neue Vorsitzende des IT-Planungsrats.

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31.10.2016 18:29:00 Quelle: http://www.itiko.de/

Netzwerkinfrastrukturhersteller LANCOM Systems gewinnt Rohde&Schwarz als strategischen Partner

LANCOM Systems, der führende deutsche Hersteller von Netzwerkinfrastrukturlösungen für Geschäftskunden und die öffentliche Hand, hat mit Rohde & Schwarz einen neuen Anteilseigner gewonnen. Vorbehaltlich der Zustimmung des Bundeskartellamts wird der Münchner Elektronikkonzern die Anteile zweier ausscheidender Gesellschafter übernehmen. Nach über 14 Jahren erfolgreicher Zusammenarbeit scheiden mit der S-UBG AG Aachen und einem Family Office zwei […]

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18.01.2017 15:35:00 Quelle: http://go.theregister.com/

Red Hats OpenShift Container Platform openly shifts storage into the hands of devs

Dynamically allocate without an admin over your shoulder

Enterprise Linux biz Red Hat has revised its OpenShift Container Platform to include support for dynamic storage provisioning in local and remote applications.…

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18.01.2017 15:34:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

PowerShell - unable to save XLSM document


I have a problem with Excel files.

Need to replace Connection String and Command Text fields.

Everything is fine - PowerShell shows replaced strings. But when the file is saved, no changes are there (also in Excel that is opened via PowerShell).

Anybody has enough experience with Excel.Application COM object to see what's wrong?

$path = "W:\Path_to_the_file.xlsm" $oldstring = "Y:\" $newstring = "W:\NewPath\" $erroractionpreference = "SilentlyContinue" #Add necessary assemblies/objects $excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application Add-Type -AssemblyName Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel #Choose output format #Documentation available here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.office.interop.excel.xlfileformat.aspx $xlFixedFormat = [Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlFileFormat]::xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled $excel.Visible=$true $excel.DisplayAlerts=$false $workbook = $excel.Workbooks.Open($path) $connections = $workbook.Connections Clear-Host foreach ($item in $connections) { if ($item.ODBCConnection -ne $null) { Write-Host $item.Name $($item.ODBCConnection.Connection).Replace($oldstring,$newstring) $($item.ODBCConnection.CommandText).Replace($oldstring,$newstring) } if ($item.OLEDBConnection -ne $null) { Write-Host $item.Name $($item.OLEDBConnection.Connection).Replace($oldstring,$newstring) $($item.OLEDBConnection.SourceDataFile).Replace($oldstring,$newstring) } Write-Host '----------------------------------------------------------------------' } #Save workbook, close it and quit #$workbook.SaveAs($path) $Excel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs("C:\temp\modifiedFile.xlsm", $xlFixedFormat) $excel.Workbooks.Close() $excel.Quit() #Clear COM object remains [System.GC]::Collect() [System.GC]::WaitForPendingFinalizers() [System.Runtime.Interopservices.Marshal]::ReleaseComObject($workbook) | Out-Null [System.Runtime.Interopservices.Marshal]::ReleaseComObject($excel) | Out-Null Remove-Variable excel 

I decided to post here instead or /r/powershell because audience is bit bigger :)



$connections[1].OLEDBConnection | Get-Member -MemberType *property CommandText Property Variant CommandText () {get} {set} Connection Property Variant Connection () {get} {set} 

Looks like it is possible to write the data...


The Connections property establishes a connection between the workbook and an ODBC or an OLEDB data source and refreshes the data without prompting the user. Read-only.

Source :(


Looks like Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel may come to the rescue. I just need to learn how to use it...

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22.12.2016 19:24:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

Eaton IPM 1.54 released

Release note Intelligent Power Manager 1.54 for Windows

(December 2016)

New features

  • New connector for Nutanix users:
    • Discover all User Virtual Machines (UVM) running in your Nutanix cluster.
    • Start/Stop UVM on any environmental or power event.
  • IPM 1.54 is compatible with Windows Server 2016.


  • Automatic upgrade server has been restored.
  • More suitable timestamp format is used when exporting graph data.
  • Added some logs for all actions run in OpenStack environment.
  • Performance optimizations.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed some memory leaks that occurred when protecting virtualized IT infrastructures.
  • Now the current password needs to be provided to change a password.
  • Uninstall process is not leaving useless files on the disk anymore.
  • Now grace period setting is taken into account for all events including events created by duplication.

Known issues

  • Actions on OpenStack infrastructure might not work just after a new connector configuration.
    A restart of IPM service after each OpenStack connector configuration is recommended to avoid this issue.
  • NetApp users might lose their connector after the upgrade to IPM 1.54.
    In that case, remove the corresponding node, reconfigure the connector and review configuration policies and actions to replace all occurrences of the initial node by the new one.


Please, read carefully the cybersecurity note provided in Product Literature for information and recommendations about cyber-security.


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13.01.2017 21:20:00 Quelle: http://feedproxy.google.com/

Kaspersky Threat Lookup spürt Sicherheitsrisiken auf

Die Struktur von Kaspersky Threat LookupMit Threat Lookup bietet Kas­persky einen Online-Service an, mit dem IT-Abtei­lungen Sicher­heits­risiken identi­fizieren und Gegen­maß­nahmen einleiten können ("Incident Response").

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Amazon Last Minute Angebote: Philips Hue, Beats PowerBeats2, Withings Body, iPhone 7 Hüllen, 240GB SSD, 8TB ext. Festplatte und mehr

Der heutige Donnerstag stellt den letzten Tag der Amazon Last Minute Angebote dar. Heute habt ihr letztmalig die Chance, bei der Aktions-Woche zuzuschlagen. Solltet ihr noch nicht alle Weihnachtsgeschenke zusammen haben, dann werft einen Blick auf die Amazon Blitzangebote sowie die Angebote des Tages. Das heutige Motto lautet „Vom 13. bis 22. Dezember 2016 findet […]

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18.01.2017 03:28:00 Quelle: http://go.theregister.com/

Li-ion tamers: Boffins build battery with built-in fire extinguisher

Can we just go ahead and call it 'the Samsung device' now?

Researchers at Stanford University say they have developed a method for building fire-extinguishing materials into standard lithium-ion batteries.…

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17.01.2017 15:33:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

Office 365 Partner Question

I setup Office 365 with E1 and E3 subscriptions a couple of years ago, subscribing directly with Microsoft. I like that i'm dealing with Microsoft and not having to go though a 3rd party for licences.

Sophos however won't deal with the end customer so for licences, so I go through a Sophos Partner, who seem to bring up Office 365 every single time I have any sort of contact with them, which is getting rather annoying.

This is what I got in an email today after saying i'm happy how things currently are with Office 365 and don't wish to be billed though them for Office 365.

"In terms of Office 365, Microsoft are pushing all subscriptions to Microsoft Partners. This is because Support and Billing is becoming the responsibility of the partner and not Microsoft. The reason for this is Microsoft believe that Partners hold better relationships with customers than what Microsoft do when buying direct. Soon you will no longer be able to buy direct!

With this in mind would it be ok for us to allocate the subscription and billing to [company]? If not, would it be ok to name [compnay] as Partner of Record so when Microsoft assign you to a Partner it will automatically come to us?"

I couldn't find anything to suggest that two years ago when I had a similar sort of conversation. Likewise Microsoft don't seem to suggest they are moving away from dealing with the end customer directly either.

I'm presuming its more they would get some sort of commission if I did set them as our Partner of Record, along with having insights in to how we used Office 365?

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12.01.2017 15:26:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

Asigra DS-User connection to DS-System

Having issues with a DS-User connection to the DS-System. Basically the DS-User was configured to connect to an old DS-System address, on a domain that has since expired. Connecting to the DS-System and amending the connection configuration to the new system address fails. I have bench marked this against dozens of other DS-User configurations across our customer base and this is the only one that we are having issues with. Have checked all the basics and stuck! Due to a colleague leaving last week, our certification level with Asigra has changed and want to try and avoid paying the $895 fee for logging a ticket if possible!

Any help would be much appreciated.

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16.01.2017 09:26:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

Best AV for Servers?

I'm currently migrating from Symantec to Intune, however that only covers the client machines. What's the best lightweight AV client for servers these days, especially for SQL servers or DCs? (Windows 2008 and 2012 R2). /r/antivirus seems quiet, and I can't find any good recommendations there.

submitted by /u/adamgood
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09.01.2017 17:17:00 Quelle: http://www.itiko.de/

Weltweit erste Pre5G-FDD-Massive-MIMO-Lösung von ZTE durch gemeinsame Feldtests mit China Unicom verifiziert

ZTE, international führender Anbieter von Lösungen für die Telekommunikationsbranche sowie für Unternehmens- und Privatkunden im Bereich mobiles Internet, hat die weltweit erste FDD-LTE (Frequency Division Duplexing Long Term Evolution)-Massive-MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)-Lösung vorgestellt. Vorangegangen war die erfolgreiche Verifizierung durch gemeinsame Feldtests im Quanzhou Innovation Centre von China Unicom, Fujian Branch. Erweiterte kommerzielle Nutzung Diese […]

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10.01.2017 21:53:00 Quelle: http://feedproxy.google.com/

Trend Micro: Intrusion-Prevention-System mit 100 GBit

Die IPS-Systeme der Tippingpoint-NX-Reihe von Trend Micro stehen als Appliances zur Verfügung. Für die Absicherung von Rechen­zentren und Unter­nehmens­netzen sind die Next-Generation-Intrusion-Prevention-Systeme (NGIPS) der Reihe Tippingpoint NX von Trend Micro ausgelegt.

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03.11.2016 00:07:00 Quelle: http://feedproxy.google.com/

UK Teen Earned More Than US$385,000 From DDoS Service

12.01.2017 09:33:00 Quelle: http://blog.wiwo.de/

Gesichtsfilter, Chatbots, Social Shopping: Die 6 Social-Media-Trends 2017

Die großen Dienste Facebook & Twitter springen auf den Erfolg von Snapchat Filters auf, Paid Content gewinnt an Rückenwind – sechs Trends für 2017. Auch in diesem Jahr dürfte Social Media eines der wichtigsten Themen für Medien, aber auch Unternehmen und jeden einzelnen … Weiterlesen

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17.01.2017 21:29:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

PDQ Deploy packs v46.1 (2017-01-17)


This is v46.1 (v46.0, v45.0, v44.0, v43.0, etc...) of our PDQ installers and includes all installers from the previous package with old versions removed.

All packages:

  1. install silently and don't place desktop or quicklaunch shortcuts

  2. disable every auto-update, nag popup and stat-collection feature I can find

  3. work with the free or paid version of PDQ Deploy, but don't require either - each package can run standalone (e.g. from a thumb drive) or pushed with SCCM/GPO/etc if desired


Primary: Download the self-extracting archive from one of the repositories:

Mirror HTTPS HTTP Location Host
Official link link US-NY /u/SGC-Hosting
#1 link link FR /u/mxmod


Plug one of these keys into Resilio Sync (formerly called "BT Sync") to pull down that repository:

- BTRSRPF7Y3VWFRBG64VUDGP7WIIVNTR4Q (Installer Packages, roughly 2.94 GB) - BMHHALGV7WLNSAPIPYDP5DU3NDNSM5XNC (WSUS Offline updates, roughly 12.00 GB) 

Make sure the settings for your Sync folder look like this (or this if you're on v1.3.x). Specifically you need to enable DHT.

Tertiary: (source code)

The Github page contains all the scripts and wrapper files used in this pack (mostly boring batch files). Check it out if you want to see the code without downloading the full binary pack, or just steal them for your own use. Note that downloading from Github directly won't work - you need either this provided pack or go manually fetch all the binaries yourself in order to just plug them in and start working.


  1. Import all .XML files from the \job files directory into PDQ deploy (it should look roughly like this after you've imported them).

  2. Copy all files from the \repository directory to wherever your repository is.

  3. All jobs reference PDQ's $(Repository) variable, so as long as you've set that in preferences you're golden.

Package list


(Updates in bold. All installers are 64-bit unless otherwise marked)

  • 7-Zip v16.04

  • 7-Zip v16.04 (x86)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC v15.023.20053

  • Adobe AIR v24.0.0.180

  • Adobe Flash Player v24.0.0.186 (Chrome)

  • Adobe Flash Player v24.0.0.186 (Firefox)

  • Adobe Flash Player v24.0.0.186 (IE / ActiveX)

  • Adobe Reader XI v11.0.19

  • Adobe Shockwave v12.2.5.195

  • CDBurnerXP v4.5.7.6499

  • CutePDF v3.0 (PDF printer) (x86)

  • FileZilla Client v3.24.0.0

  • Gimp v2.8.18 (x86)

  • Google Chrome Enterprise v55.0.2883.87

  • Google Chrome Enterprise v55.0.2883.87 (x86)

  • Google Earth v7.1.5.1557

  • Java Development Kit 6 Update 45

  • Java Development Kit 6 Update 45 (x86)

  • Java Development Kit 7 Update 80

  • Java Development Kit 7 Update 80 (x86)

  • Java Development Kit 8 Update 112

  • Java Development Kit 8 Update 112 (x86)

  • Java Runtime 6 update 81

  • Java Runtime 6 update 81 (x86)

  • Java Runtime 7 update 80

  • Java Runtime 7 update 80 (x86)

  • Java Runtime 8 update 112

  • Java Runtime 8 update 112 (x86)

  • KTS KypM Telnet/SSH Server v1.19c (x86)

  • Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5.1 SP1 (x86)

  • Microsoft Silverlight v5.1.50901.0

  • Microsoft Silverlight v5.1.50901.0 (x86)

  • Mozilla Firefox v50.1.0

  • Mozilla Firefox v50.1.0 (x86)

  • Mozilla Thunderbird v45.5.1 (customized; read notes) (x86)

  • Notepad++ v7.2.2 (x86)

  • Pale Moon v27.0.3 (x86)

  • Spark v2.8.2 (x86)

  • TightVNC v2.8.5

  • TightVNC v2.8.5 (x86)

  • UltraVNC v1.2.1.1 (x64)

  • VLC media player v2.2.4 (x86)

  • WinSCP v5.9.3 (x86)


  • Clean Up ALL Printers (purge all printers from target)

  • Clean Up Orphaned Printers (remove non-existent printers from the spooler)

  • Empty All Recycle Bins (force all recycle bins to empty on target)

  • Enable Remote Desktop

  • Install PKI Certificates

  • Reboot (force target reboot in 15 seconds)

  • Remove Adobe Flash Player (removes all versions)

  • Remove Java Runtime (removes JRE versions 3-8)

  • Temp File Cleanup

  • USB Device Cleanup. Uninstalls non-present USB hubs, USB storage devices and their storage volumes, Disks, CDROMs, Floppies, WPD devices and deletes their registry items. Devices will re-initialize at next connection

Package Notes

  1. Read the notes in PDQ for each package, they explain what it does. Basically, most packages use a .bat file to accomplish multi-step installations with the free version of PDQ. You can edit the batch files to see what they do; most of them just delete "All Users" desktop icons and stuff like that. changelog-v##-updated-<date>.txt has version and release history information.

  2. Thunderbird:

    • Thunderbird is configured to use a global config file stored on a network share. This allows for settings changes en masse if necessary. By default it's set to check for config updates every 120 minutes.
    • You can change the location of the config, change the update frequency, OR entirely disable this behavior by tweaking the file thunderbird-custom-settings.js.
    • A copy of the config file is in the Thunderbird directory and is called thunderbird-global-settings.js
    • If you don't want any customizations, just edit Thunderbird's .bat file and comment out all the lines except for the one that installs Thunderbird.
  3. Microsoft Offline Updates - built using the excellent WSUS Offline tool. Please donate to them if you can, their team does excellent work.


In the folder \integrity verification the file checksums.txt is signed with my PGP key (0x07d1490f82a211a2, pubkey included). You can use this to verify package integrity.

If you find a bug or glitch, PM me or post it here. Community input is helpful and appreciated.

Donations (bitcoin): 1BqZP5i4Cor3GePNcEokjb84L3D2QEHYmY

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act."

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09.01.2017 10:53:00 Quelle: http://www.com-magazin.de/

Vodafone Secure E-Mail wird eingestellt

Zum 31. März stellt Vodafone seinen Verschlüsselungsdienst für E-Mails ein. Ab dem 1. April werden alle Accounts vom Düsseldorfer Netzbetreiber gelöscht.

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18.01.2017 15:33:00 Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/

Virtual VPN/RDP?

Hey sysAdmins,

I have recently stumbled upon this great reddit and I have a question I hope you can answer.

Currently I am using Virtual Box where I usually connect to various RDPs from, some requires VPNs in order to get on their RDP (Not always the same kind of VPN).

I am wondering if it's possible to make a virtual RDP/VPN session without the need of an entire image in form of VirtualBox / VMWare, as I would like to be able to simply get rid of my VirtualBox, and currently the only reason I have VirtualBox is in order to use the various VPNs without em affecting my own connection so I wont get thrown of the other RDPs.

I hope you understand my problem and question, and if you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to ask.

Best regards

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WatchGuard VPN with SSL

I am looking for some assistance. We have multiple users that are constantly having their connections dropped. Most but not all report that the issue happens almost constantly while either traveling by airplane or using a WiFi hotspot while traveling in a car with Team Mates. Has anyone seen an issue like this before? What do I need to look at? Some are reporting similar issues at Home, but most other users do not experience disconnect problems at Home.

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22.12.2016 19:07:00 Quelle: http://www.networkworld.com/

Free security tools to support cyber security efforts

There are more free information security tools out there than you can highlight with a fist full of whiteboard pointers. While many are trial ware-based enticements designed to lure decision makers to purchase the pricey premium counterparts of these freebies, many are full-blown utilities. A few important categories include threat intelligence tools, tools to build security in during the development stage, penetration testers, and forensics tools.

Threat intelligence tools include AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange, which collects and shares online threat intelligence as well as the Hailataxii and Cymon.io threat exchanges. There are a variety of SAST (Static Application Security Testing) tools for security testing software applications that developers write using different languages whether C/C++, Ruby on Rails, or Python. For penetration testing, we present the Nmap Security Scanner and the broadly useful Wireshark network protocol analyzer. Specific forensics products include the GRR remote forensic framework, and Autopsy and SleuthKit, which analyze hard drives and smartphones, and the Volatility Foundation’s open source framework for memory analysis/forensics.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

(Insider Story)

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Hosting old php 5.3 sites

Hi. I run a shared hosting system with a few thousand websites. Some of these are up to 10 years old and still running on php 5.3. Anything that is compatible (mainly wordpress) I've just switched to run in php 7.0 and it runs fine. However there are many sites that are custom coded or in ancient frameworks, and would need a lot of rewriting to run in 5.6/7. Its really bugging me that I have to host on 5.3 which is out of date and insecure, but only solution I can come up with is pay a lot of money to developers to rewrite all these old sites. Just wondering what others have done in the same situation? Cheers

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