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13.12.2017 04:16:00 Quelle:

Network Equipment Firmware Best Practices


I've just been thinking, what would be the best practices for firmware on networking.

I personally believe that you should try and stay at least 3 or so releases behind.

Some Fortinet releases have a tendency to break things, as they like to roll out bleeding edge features. (Not Trying to bag them)

  1. If there is a major bug in a release that brings down production, of course, the mandatory testing should've picked that up.

  2. You keep up with the latest features but not running the bleeding edge.

  3. Just common sense to not run the latest

I am interested to know how everyone else approaches it.

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29.11.2017 10:09:00 Quelle:

What firewall to get?

After a hack on a file server in our company, we decided we need a firewall or UTM. I found on eBay a Fortinet 20D for 50 quid and don't know if that is any good. We want something cheap , preferably off eBay UK. We only have 6 employees so we don't need anything that good but we want something without licencing monthly or yearly just a one off purchase. I have never dealt with one of these sorts of firewalls before so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

PS. Any bad spelling is due to me being on mobile

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28.11.2017 04:07:00 Quelle:

Fortinet pricing

Sorry I cannot wait until Friday. Can any Fortinet VARs in here tell me if the following pricing is good, does not seem like much of a discount for 5 units 2x FG-51E-BDL-950-36 $1,275 each 3x FG-61E-BDL-950-36 $1,550 each

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