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12.03.2018 16:33:00 Quelle:

Only 1 server. Should I still virtualize it?

I have started volunteering at a non profit health clinic to help out their IT situation. It is a small clinic less then 10 computers. Only 1 server that is the domain controller and a file server.

The server hardware old and it is time for a new server. I am wondering during the server migration should i setup ESXI and setup a new virtualize server or just run the server on bare metal?

I do like the advantages virtualization brings but I also don't really want to over complicate the setup. It is just a domain controller and file server. I do have a problem of building a space shuttle instead of keeping is simple.

What are your thoughts?


Thanks everyone, for all of your input it has been very helpful.

I think our best bet it to go forward with Virtualization, however instead of using ESXi I will use Hyper-V.

I personally have never been a big fan of a windows hypervisor I have always been more comfortable running a unix base hypervisor. However in this particular case I think Hyper-V is a good fit. Mostly because unlike most sysadmin jobs if I ever leave this position my replacement may not be another sysadmin. (You get with you get with Volunteer positions). Hyper-V gives you a nice GUI interface you can use right from the server console. It is all windows bases that most people are use to using. I think Hyper-V is a better option for a non sysadmin to be managing.

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23.02.2018 11:29:00 Quelle:

Network Connectivity Issues with UCS and ESXi Host located inside them.

Hello /r/sysadmin,

I come with a slight problem I have created in hopes that someone here could help me understand where the problem lies or assist in looking somewhere I haven't already.

Scenario is I replaced 2 M2 Blades with 2 M4 Blades and now have no network connectivity on my ESXi host.

Little bit about my environment. We boot from SAN so all of our host within the UCS only use SAN for boot and data. I have associated the M4 blades to the Chassis and they both took on all the previous configurations of the previous M2 blades they are replacing. Both host boot fine from SAN using the appropriate vHBAs but are not able to ping out.

My question: Do blades inside the UCS chassis hold any residual configurations or physical identifiers that I would have to add to my fabric interconnects or chassis?

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23.02.2018 11:26:00 Quelle:

Lizenzen für ESXi, vCenter, vSAN in vSphere und My VMware verwalten

Lizenzen verwalten in VMware vSphereFür das Lizenz-Manage­ment gibt es zwei Anlauf­stellen: Im My VMware-Konto des Nutzers und im Lizenz-Manager von vCenter. Dieser ist eine Kompo­nente des Platform-Service-Controllers (PSC). Das Lizenz-Management steht noch nicht im HMTL5-Client 6.5 zur Ver­fügung, sondern nur im Flash-basierten Web-Client.

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14.12.2017 10:16:00 Quelle:

Best SAN solution for a $30k budget?

Hey r/sysadmin,

I'm looking to replace an aging (and failing) Lefthand P4300 G2 4TB SAN solution. I've been given a budget of $30k, and I'm just trying to figure out what's out there that even gets close to that price range... here's my current setup:

  • 2 x P4300 G2 units, at separate locations, mirrored

  • dedicated private fiber connection between the two locations

  • dedicated switching at both ends

  • Current solution is serving up LUNs for VM datastores (about 12 VMs, from 3 ESXi hosts), and for our Exchange data

  • I'd like to gain some breathing room on the storage... I've got 88% of the 4TB provisioned. Exchange might move to O365 but I don't want to bet on it.

We also run a newer (circa 2014) StoreVirtual cluster set up almost identically so the idea of integrating sounds great but I'm not married to HP hardware.

Am I going to find any solution in that budget, or at least close?

PS - Sorry for spelling or grammar errors, I'm writing this at almost 1:00AM while I wait for this cluster to finish re-striping after one of the nodes randomly rebooted for the 12th time in the last 48 hours. Hence my interest in replacement...

2:00AM Edit: He's dead, Jim. I lost connection to the node and decided to drive into the office... when I got here, it was off, with no standby lights. Pressed power, no joy. Removed PSU modules and replaced with known good ones, nothing. Reseated anything and everything that could be reseated, still nothing. Nothing I can do at this point except hope the redundancy works the way it's supposed to and find someone who can ship new stuff really fast.

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13.12.2017 22:17:00 Quelle:

Another one of those "I gave notice" stories...

Just like it says! 10 years long. The weight has been lifted. Here's an example of why. A team member decided that a block-only array with a piece of shit management interface (nexsan) being presented over iSCSI to ESXi, creating a single VM (single point of failure) to present NAS protocols to external systems was "more enterprise" than an enterprise-class CiB with 0 single points of failure, that seamlessly delivers block and file protocols, because the systems team thinks that windows updates, antivirus, and other industry bullshit is more important than uptime! Our "patch management expert" told me that his patching process shouldn't cause downtime, and I reviewed, and it includes patch, then "shutdown /r" reboot without managing a pause/drain on the node properly prior to reboot. This is the kind of fuck shit that I can't live with anymore! The lowest common denominator always has the loudest voice, and the "your opinion isn't valid if you aren't from HQ" attitudes are now a thing of the past. Good riddance! I took a 40k raise (finally well past the 6 figures mark now!), I get to focus on 1 project as the architect, deployment engineer, and handoff manager for a fortune 100 company, and I don't have to settle for mediocrity any longer. I will have something to care for and be proud of. I hope that I am not missed! rant adjourned! :)

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11.12.2017 04:13:00 Quelle:

Is it possible to recover VMs after reinstalling the hypervisor?

Okay, so I have 2 servers for personal use with OVH. Last night right before going to bed I set a server to reinstall hypervisors but I was looking at the wrong server and didn't realize it! Woke up to a nice surprise today.

So, the server's hypervisor has changed from esxi to proxmox and I'm left wondering if it's possible to recover any of the VMs. I do have backups of anything really important, but it would be nice to see if I could recover any of the VMs. My thinking is that if the data isn't written over it might be feasible to recover it, but I'm not sure.

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11.12.2017 04:13:00 Quelle:

An odd Windows Server 2016 Scenario...Licensing and letting the public set up IIS sites...

So, I'm trying to figure out the following...interesting...scenario.

Please consider that this is for a 501c3 nonprofit web hosting company (yes, that exists!), and the server in question will be used to host client websites under IIS/ASP.NET. We're still working on how users will administer their sites, but right now it looks like the users will just be given a local user account and an IIS Site that's delegated to them, and will use the regular IIS management tools (ideas welcome here!)

Windows Server is new territory for hosting for us since the company currently runs 3 physical servers with ESXi containing CentOS VMs running cPanel. We have about 7,000 active users on those VMs. This project is due to a small demand for real ASP.NET hosting, as opposed to Mono we provide on the existing cPanel servers.

We're buying a 4th server that will run the Windows Server installation in question, likely also inside of ESXi. This server contains 2 quad-Xeon CPUs and 64GB RAM. The VM will never leave its server for any reason (I know about MS's tendency to want to license everything even if you don't use it...)

My questions are, how does this need to be licensed? What's the best/easiest way to let users manage an IIS site on a shared server (I deal with Windows Server all the time, but it's in a normal enterprise environment where the public and users have nothing to do with the administration side of things)?

I'm thinking we need:

  • 16 core licenses of Server 2016 Standard for the physical server (the minimum required). Since they're sold as a 2-pack, we'd buy 8 licenses.

  • A user CAL for each user who signs up for an account on this server. This is the one I'm really unsure about. Are CALs needed for this usage of WS/IIS? Could an ECL license be used in lieu of CALs here since the users are not employees of the organization (the users are ultimately members of the general public who wish to host an IIS site)? There won't be any of the normal enterprise stuff (AD/File and Print Services/Etc.) on this server, just IIS and possibly DNS.

Bonus question: The hosting company is a 501c3 and gives the hosting services away for free (or at cost when necessary). We're funded by donations and ad revenue. Would we qualify for nonprofit licensing for such a use of WS2016 (reading suggests the core licenses may, the CALs don't)?

Comments, suggestions, corrections, and people calling me crazy welcome :)

EDIT: Spelling and details.

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06.12.2017 22:14:00 Quelle:

Vm performance in esxi 6.5

I created a new vm that is mainly a file server but also runs the management software for some AV...

People were using a physical Windows server before.

So I cut people over to this new vm running server 2016.

I'm getting complaints that saving files to the server are slow. Users actually have folder redirection as well to this system. They say even typing up files the characters would lag behind as they type... Normally that would be a local pc issue but with their local folders actually redirected to this system I can understand it.

This probably services maybe 75 people. The vm I started with 4gb of ram and 1 vcpu... I keep reading that more vcpu cores will not help and it's only for licensing purposes... Should I try doubling ram and adding another core anyway?? Or should it be another socket and 1 core per socket?

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05.12.2017 10:13:00 Quelle:

TrendMicro Deep Security 9.6, Task to RE-Activate?

Hi there :)

We are in the Process of Upgrading our ESX Hosts from 5.1 to 6.0 (vcenter already on 6.5) Now we'd like to secure the new VDI Infrastructure with Deep Security.

First Problem here is that now we need to go with Agents, before it was agentless using vshield. (Reason is the cost of NSX)

So far i Could deploy everything and the event based task also activates my virtual machines.

BUT they sometimes just loose connection to the manager server (Showing Either "Multiple Errors" or "Communication Failed" in the Agent / Computers View If I just reactivate them through the management console they come online just fine.... So is there a way to initiate a "Reactivate all Clients" through Powershell, I cant seem to be able to select it as Timed Task or something like that. I'd really like to have the script on the manager side instead of having to implement an activation script into each golden image....

Someone knows a way?

Thanks a lot :)

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04.12.2017 22:13:00 Quelle:

The cloud and the frustration of convincing others to migrate to it.

So my company has about 450 employees after laying off 60 people to make budget because it looks grim till we land more contracts. I have been in the past 2 years eliminating the need for a ton of hardware by replacing it with a service. Being that we are on O365, if we have the service free with our enterprise subscription, it's now our new service (spam filter, secure email service, intranet, secure file transfer).

To date, I saved my company roughly 200k by not renewing expensive service contracts and reducing our IT expenditures. You may say ,"yeah right." but we purchased these products when we were a different company with a different budget and $40k a year for a service contract for a spam filter that sat in our rack that we had to service, was a good deal. We wanted the best.

IT went from 14 people to 4 people in a course of a year (2 years ago) after we changed lines of service. It wasn't that bad because we trimmed off a team members that weren't flexible and didn't want to wear hats nor liked change.

Our Netapp is now 3 years out of it's service contract. I've been going through it, moving data from volumes and consolidating our storage and freeing up disk. Our VMware environment has shrunk tremendously and I actually said today ,"I should purge dev, qa, and uat from the system. I don't know why I've kept them off but still residing on disk."

My boss wants to buy a nimble san for $200-300k. For what purpose?

File shares and storage for ESX.

I told him ,"I'm ok with having a SAN for storage for the little VMware environment we should have but... file shares... can't we tell our users Onedrive and Sharepoint mapped shared drives are the future?"

This is where the conversation about cloud services took a dark turn.

"Why don't we put our telecom system in the cloud and let go of <telecom admin>?!"

I went on a rant because I'm kind of tired of this behavior of abstaining from the cloud.

"Why would you fire him? Just because you use a cloud based telecom system doesn't mean you don't need a guy dropping a phone at that desk. He does need to integrated it with AD, ensure extensions from AD propagate into call manager. He has to field the phone call to setup a phone for a new employee or field the phone call to ensure asset recovery when the employee leaves the company. Our telecom admin also does Helpdesk support, and sets up cellphones. Verizon is outsourced cellular provider and cell phones account for about 25% of his job. Should we install cell towers of our own for our employees and create our own cell service? This creates job security. I mean we could make our own carrier and outsource the cell towers or would that eliminate the need for our telecom admin?"

"Those aren't one in the same."

"They totally are. You are just USED to a cellular service being outsourced. We use it as a 'service'. We should use many things as a service. SQL as a service. Software as a service. Telecom as a service. We already have meshed internet at multiple locations so we have redundancy at the point of failure. Nobody hosts their web sites locally anymore as it's too cost effective to have a third party host it with 99% up time. To do that internally is a huge expenditure. It's so much easier to have 1 company pay a few employees to watch 400 phone systems run 24/7 than to have your own company pay 1 employee to watch a single phone system 24/7 and that's only part of his FTE. Cloud services are the industrial revolution of technology services in the 21st century."

I feel like a lot of this push back comes from my Network and San Engineers who work far more on the physical side than the software side and if there isn't a reset button then it scares the crap out of them. These guys spend a ton of time maintaining the products and when you log into them it's "admin / someoverlyusedpasswordwithspecialcharacters" and the ssl cert for the web interface is not using the internal self signed cert.

You find out later that they had key each user into the machine because fuck if learning how to generate a csv from AD is out of their fucking reach then cloud services are literally in the fucking cloud above their heads. OH yeah and this appliance is brand new and even supports OAuth2.0 so technically with 2 clicks it could support ADFS which we've had setup for 3 years now but half the shit people are still buying only supports up to NTLMv2 which is utter shit.

Cloud services wouldn't eliminate positions it would free up time, time hopefully these admins will do their fucking jobs and do some spit and polish and make sure that ya know admin accounts aren't admin/admin and ssl certs are not expired or even exist and stuff is just automated.

An overworked admin doesn't mean they are a hardworking admin. The best admin or best DBA are the ones that are at a point where they monitor and spend their time at work looking at improving their environment, not creating an environment where you wont get fired because it's your shit heap and you own it.

Sorry for the rant. I feel ranty today.

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04.12.2017 10:10:00 Quelle:

Network Diagram a datacenter

As part of an audit at work I've been asked to draw up network diagrams for our internal on-premises kit and also our two datacenters where we have co-location ESXi servers.

The diagram for the on-premises stuff is fine... I can do that. But how do i draw a network diagram for the stuff in the datacenter? I mean... I can't see it, its all on one subnet which is VPN'd into the office, and its VMs hosted on servers.

The guy thats doing the audit is rally insistent that I come up with something though. Is there any advice on how to network diagram a datcenter.

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02.12.2017 22:12:00 Quelle:

Dell ESXI SD Cards

Hopefully this is super simple. I currently have an R620 that has some failed SD Cards from which ESXi boots from. I know that in the past the SD Cards had to be a specific kind. Does anyone know if that is still the case?

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02.12.2017 10:11:00 Quelle:

Looking for a good primer on certificates

I have a homelab and I want to put certs on everything in that lab (ESXi, switches, Windows Server, etc.) But I'm totally ignorant on how to set that up. Does anyone have a good primer for certs? I'm technical, just ignorant on this side of things.


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28.11.2017 22:10:00 Quelle:

God dammit HP

It's common knowledge they've only gone downhill in recent years. With all of the recent posts about how awful their website is, I was hesitant to look for the latest custom ESXi image - low and behold ADVERTISEMENTS ON THEIR OWN DAMN WEBSITE?! And marked as potential cross-site scripting to boot. Do people not test these things before deployment??? 4 of these popups came up before I decided to go to the VMWare site instead.

an all new low...

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28.11.2017 22:10:00 Quelle:

Someone has fixed the ESX VM stun problem

Virtual machines won't press pause in Nutanix deployments

Comtrade's latest HYCU Nutanix backup product version has a fix for the VM stun problem.…

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25.11.2017 22:09:00 Quelle:

Simplest way to host Windows / SQL Server?

I currently have 10 users in my office using an order management application built in MS Access.

Here is a breakdown of our setup:

  • Each user has an MS Access application on their desktop which connects to SQL Server Express.
  • SQL Server Express is served from a virtual Windows Server 2012 instance inside our LAN
  • the virtual Windows Server is served as follows
    • stored on a Synology DS1513+ NAS
    • the NAS is connected to a Dell T310 Server using a flash drive hosting the free version of VMWare Esxi
  • SQL Server database is about 4 GB and there are about 10 users. My problem is that I am not going to be physically in the office where this is hosted next year and I need a solution that can be easier to maintain for the office. No one in the office is tech savvy.

Currently it is not too bad to maintain, it has worked well so far, but the hardware is aging and not sure what to do going forward

Wondering if there are any recommendations to keep this easier to maintain. It is for a small business so not a huge budget.

We used to have SQL Server sitting on a physical Dell Server, but it seemed easier to virtualize in case of disaster recovery so I virtualized the Server.


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24.11.2017 04:04:00 Quelle:

How to setup port mirrored to an ESXi host

Here is something I ran through today to mirror the port on a Cisco switch and relay the traffic to a VMWare host and VM. Hope someone finds it useful port mirroring

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23.11.2017 22:07:00 Quelle:

On-the-process sysadmin here. Anyone here knows about this list or can help me out crafting a new one?

So a long time ago I bumped into some reddit post that asked a similar question, and there was a comment on it with a list of exercises (list).

It's pretty cool and it was crafted by someone who had experience, who said that mastering those skills would teach you what you need to know to fill in most "senior" sysadmin listings.

Whether that is true or not, it was a high quality resource, but it is outdated. I don't know when that list was written, but a lot of stuff has happened since then; CentOS 7+, the rise of containers, the micro-service approach to application design, security flaws, ESXi/Hyper-V/Xen over a vanilla KVM host, newer monitoring and management platforms...

I just would like to know which are the tools that substitute the ones cited in the original list and/or if you could craft a similar one with the newer technologies and services you consider necessary to have "senior" skills.

Also, do you know and/or can do the same for Windows system administration?

PS: I know stuff like corporate BS you don't learn with your homelab, but that'll come later.

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